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I think I can safely say my computer is fixed now, WOOOOOO! My friend helped me fix it, apparently my heatsink wasn't on right + my clockspeed was fluctuating like crazy. I haven't had a random cutoff in about a week though, so hooray! As a result I was able to finish the 2 MYOs I'd been working on and now I can get back to commissions!

ANOTHER NOTE! pinksparkledogs is hosting a Goulongs giveaway! Which is their awesome dragon-dog-ish species, check 'em out!

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Hi all,

A little bad news, my desktop has become completely unreliable. I've been trying to fix it all this last week but no luck yet. I could risk doing art on it but I am afraid to, as sometimes it will just turn off. 

I REALLY wanted to enter a couple of MYOs that are ending soon... I'm not sure what I will do, maybe try to work on my laptop or risk my desktop cutting off in the middle of work. We'll see. 

In addition, my dad's birthday is coming up July 9th and I wanted to do something really nice for him.

I ask that my commissioners have continued patience with me. I have not taken on any new commissions for a long time, just a lot of stuff has been getting in my way.

This also applies if I've seemed quiet or not been attending streams lately. I keep seeing the notifications and wanting to pop in but, I've been solely using my laptop so I can't really watch streams while doing other things on it. >.< I have also been commenting a lot less since I just feel rather slow on my laptop.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to get it fixed and start posting more art soon!
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Djinn Dragons Auction /closed by tessary
Wow these guys are freaking adorable! They're called Drajinn.

Djinn dragons (Djinn as in Genie) are spirits who inhabit lost items that once meant very much to someone. These spirits are weakened and unable to have a lucid presence in either the spirit or physical realm, they float along spiritual currents until they can locate a lost item to bind themselves to.

I love tessary's work and can't wait to see more of them! 

These are all gone, but you can still get a custom one via a raffle they're holding!  Djinn Dragon Auction and RAFFLE/endedfinal edit: The winner has been announced!
hey guys, I have a Drajinn auction going atm:

I'm also holding a mini raffle to win a custom djinn dragon! I want to get the word out about them and also make MORE....
So here's how to enter:
1. Copy/paste the thumbnail or the link to this deviation: Djinn Dragons Auction in a journal or a poll with a title like "check out tessary's djinn dragon adoptables" (or whatever you'd like to title it)
2. In the comments below, Post a link to your journal/poll so I can check it
3. I'll reply with a raffle ticket number, and you're entered!
4. Winner is drawn this saturday night 13th june 8.30pm EST!
how to get entries:
-post a journal (1 entry)
-post a poll (1 entry)
-draw fanart of my djinn dragon: Drajinn 1 (2 entries)
-raffle will still go on even if auction ends early from ab-ing
-Auction winners are a

Also here are a couple of MYO contests you guys might be interested in! I'm not sure if I will enter them since I'm still not done with the MYO Aetherling Contest and have commissions to finish ._. but I will try!

Pouflons!  MYO Pouflon Contest!! (closed!)
(HFKDJSHGF VERY SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION BUT THIS ENDS ON SUNDAY NIGHT, as in midnight AFTER june 28th!! there's still about a day guys!! <3)
Start date: June 5th
End Date: June 28th, Midnight EST
How to enter:
Before you do anything - read all the way through the Pouflon Website!!!Draw a fully colored picture of your pouflon design! Any medium is okay, traditional or digital. Optional: Include a description of their personality and backstory! There is no minimum or maximum length.Submit it to the MYO Contest folder- you will have to be a group member to be able to win! It only takes a few seconds to join!Judging/Entry Rules:
 You are allowed to make up to two entries; pleas

Welcome to the first official Vayron MYO contest!
Here’s your chance to make a vayron of your own and get a chance to win them for free!
To read all about the species, follow the link below!

Contest Information:
Deadline: 1st of July 2015
Number of entries per person: Up to 3
Designing Rules:
Everyone can make an all common vayron, but:
Sharing the journal will get you access to one uncommon trait
Getting another person to join the contest will get you access to another uncommon trait
Getting two people to join the contest will get you access to one rare trait
So all in all, you could have a vayron with two uncommon and one rare trait! If you’re joining the contest on someone else’s behalf, please mention them in a comment below!
- The entry image has to be a full body!
- Upload to

OK that was a lot of stuff, I'm trying to not spam you guys with too many journals so I put it all in this one! :D
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Mary-Anna Bowen
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Aspiring artist trying to figure out what to do with her life. If you're interested in commissions send me a note.


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Your... avatar is amazing.... your ART is awazing !!! :love:

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Wow thank you so much!!! :D
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I'm sure I've asked before, but I can't find the answer. >.> Were you open for commission? Pet designs?
MowenDesigns Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I have design commissions but they're not currently open, sorry. :(

I'm not sure if I'm the one you're specifically thinking about though since my design commissions are open-ended and not specific to pets.
Knask Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Ah alright. <3 I'll wait then. :3 I would love to get a pet design commission from you in those amazing forest/hair styles you got. ;o
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// Aww, you really got some nice artworks here dear~<3
MowenDesigns Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, ty! :)
N--aeChu Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
// Welcome^^

Do you take :points: commissions maybe?
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No, sorry!
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